I familjen Magnusson har vi lagat hundmat i tre generationer. Allt började med farmor för mer än 60 år sedan. Precis då som nu gör vi hundmat hemma på gården Håbolund, med färska och högkvalitativa svenska råvaror som helst kommer från så närliggande gårdar som möjligt.

För att hedra och förtydliga vårt arv byter vi nu utseende. Det innebär bland annat ny design på vår hemsida, våra förpackningar och att vi byter namn på produktserien Meat & Biscuit till Magnussons. Dessa produkter får också svenska namn. Men recept och innehåll förblir exakt samma som tidigare.

Ingredients from Sweden

Our guess is that the first thing you look at when buying food for your best friend, is the list of ingredients. What is the origin of the food? Does it contain any strange additives? Is the meat fresh? The way we see it, raw ingredients are the be all end all. That’s why we at Magnussons will only use ingredients from Sweden in our dog food and preferably ingredients from local, nearby farms.

Every day we receive deliveries of high-quality, fresh meat straight from the butchery to our factory in Håbolund, in an unbroken refrigerated chain. The fresh eggs and vegetables come from organic farms run by farmers who we trust. Farmers who are as concerned about animals and the environment as we are and who have therefore prohibited the use of growth hormones and GMO.


The greatest luxury of working small-scale is that it allows you to choose and discard, never having to compromise. All our suppliers naturally abide by the Swedish regulations, but also to our rigorous requirements for sustainability and quality. Both vegetables and meat are produced locally and in a sustainable way, which means we are in constant control of the origin of raw ingredients and, not least, how they are managed.

Simply put, our raw ingredients are among the best Sweden has to offer

Ingredients from Sweden

This enables a form of tracing which is unique in the production of dog food. Translated into environmental terms, it means neither long-haul transportation, nor the unnecessary emission of carbon-dioxide.

Simply put, our raw ingredients are among the best Sweden has to offer, rich in nutrition and good stuff, allowing us to prepare well-balanced, nutritious and tasty dog food. After all, our four-footed friends just like us deserve food which is Swedish, of high quality, produced locally and in a sustainable way.

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Thanks to our small-scale production we are in control of every single step in the chain, from raw ingredients to the ready-made dog food. It all takes place here in our factory, where we receive daily deliveries of fresh meat, eggs and vegetables. This is where we mix, bake and finally package the food, all under one roof.