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Quality control

The goal of our quality work is to ensure that you as a customer can offer your dog a safe and well-balanced, high quality product free from unnecessary additives. To ensure that we meet our ambitious goals , we have developed an in-house control plan that we follow. In addition to this, we are regularly audited by external institutions, such as the Swedish Board of Agriculture and KIWA.


Internal control

Our in-house control plan – also known as HACCP, is a standardized work method that describes how to systematically map, judge and control the risks in our production. These guidelines comprise everything from procurement of ingredients to the delivery of the finished dog food. By applying this in-depth approach, we can ensure that our products are always consistent and of the highest quality.

In line with our control plan, we also conduct regular chemical analyses of our ingredients and finished products. This ensures that our products are free from dangerous bacteria and that they maintain the correct nutritional value. This way, you the customer, can rest assured that your dog is always having its full nutritional needs met.

Our in-house control plan is developed in close cooperation with a specialist in food handling safety and they stay updated on a regular basis. Our plan is also regularly audited by the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

External control

In addition to our in-house controls, we closely cooperate with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, which regularly conducts audits. The audits are a way for the Swedish Board of Agriculture to ensure that we meet the requirements of our in-house controls as well as the general national rules and regulations. When we say that we produce high quality dog food made entirely from Swedish ingredients, that statement has been verified by the Swedish Board of Agriculture down to the most minute detail.

During the audits, the Swedish Board of Agriculture inspects our entire facility and production lines, and takes samples to test  for bacteria and other chemicals in our production environment and our products.

As we have several products that are certified as Organic by KRAV, we are also audited by KIWA. KIWA audits the origin of our organic ingredients and that the labeling these products is correct.