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Oven baked dog food

Oven baked – healthy and tasty

Magnusson Petfood is the only producer in Scandinavia – and one of a few in the world – that oven bakes dog food. It is no coincidence that we chose this method. Oven baking is a gentle production process that preserves the ingredients’ natural characteristics. In addition, most dogs tend to think that oven baked dog food tastes fantastic. We have no need to add flavor enhancers or spray our finished food with fat, which are two common methods used for extruded pet food. If you put your hand into a bag of extruded pet food, you will usually become quite sticky and smeary. This is not the case when handling oven baked dog food from Magnusson Petfood.    

Swedish and locally produced ingredients

All of our ingredients come from Swedish farms. For us, it is unthinkable to use ingredients that have been transported from across the globe. Locally produced is always preferable, not only for the environment but also for quality. Also, many of the ingredients in the Meat & Biscuit production line are fresh and cannot be stored for long periods of time. Fresh Swedish meat is one such example. On the days we prepare Meat & Biscuit, the meat is delivered early in the morning, straight from a Swedish butcher, in one unbroken cold chain. That kind of quality speaks for itself, it cannot be purchased from across the globe.  


If oven baked dog food is so great, how come Magnusson Petfood is only one of a few using this method?

Oven baking dog food is a slow process with limited production capacity and the machine line is very bulky. Thus, oven baking is best suited for small scale production, just like ours. For manufacturers that produce between 30,000 to 60,000 tons a year, oven baking is simply not an option.