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Exclusive Swedish Ingredients

The secret to really good dog food is using fantastic ingredients, cooking it with genuine understanding and seasoning it with tons of love. That is why for us, it is unthinkable to use ingredients from across the globe. Instead, our ingredients are produced exclusively by Swedish farmers, whose farms are preferably located as close as possible to our facilities.

Locally grown is always best, not only for the environment but also for maximizing the quality of the ingredients.

This is especially true of our popular Meat & Biscuits where we always use fresh Swedish meat.  Because fresh meat cannot be stored particularly long without losing its high quality, we have thoroughly studied our manufacturing routines.  From a purely practical standpoint this means that we always have our fresh meat delivered early in the morning – directly from the Swedish butcher, in an unbroken cold chain.

That our products are tasty and have a high nutritional content, is a given. Moreover, there are other great advantages to our products:


  • Reduced carbon emissions. Through the exclusive use of Swedish and often very local suppliers, we shorten transportation times for delivery of ingredients to our factory and in this way minimize carbon emissions.
  • High traceability. The fact that all of our suppliers are regularly audited by the Swedish Board of Agriculture guarantees that both our suppliers and our ingredients meet the  Swedish Board of Agriculture’s regulations and our own high standards. This means good and well controlled traceability when it comes to the ingredients we use.
  • Concern for all animals. The Swedish Animal Welfare Act covers all animals bred by humans. The law is based on preventive animal healthcare conducted in close cooperation between breeders, veterinarians and the authorities. In many instances, the Swedish Animal Welfare Act  is stricter than any other in the EU counties. The Swedish Animal Welfare Act exists to guarantee our tame animals a minimum standard of living. With cows for instance, it stipulates a minimum housing size, bedding and summer grazing.
  • No oddities.  The exclusive use of Swedish meat has several benefits. Swedish meat, for instance, is free from growth hormones and antibiotics. Unlike other countries, Sweden prohibits giving antibiotics to an animal except for medical reasons. And of course, our products are GMO free. 
  • No unnecessary additives. At Magnusson Petfood, all product development follows the principleQuality is avoiding unnecessary additives”. We remain skeptical of the many chemical and pharmaceutical substances often used in dog food. One such commonly used substance is Glucosamine, despite the fact that there is no clinical evidence indicating that Glucosamine has a positive effect on joint health. Unsurprisingly, Glucosamine is being prescribed less often for human patients. Why many producers choose to add it to their dog food is something of a mystery to us.