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Environment and social responsibility


Our goal and ambition is for all our activities to be conducted in a way that is both socially and environmentally sustainable We take this very seriously – and for us it is a process where there is constant room for  improvement. We think that this quest is something that should be a priority, not only for all companies and but also with us as individuals. 

Environmental footprint

At Magnusson Petfood, we constantly strive to reduce our environmental footprint. Today, our production facility releases no emissions whatsoever into the environment! Our environmental awareness permeates our entire operation, For example:

  • The use of only water generated electricity.
  • Recycling of approximately 20% of the added electricity in our production process.
  • No dangerous chemical detergents.
  • Cleaning and filtering of all wash water from biological waste.
  • We only use packaging that is approved for recycling.


We accept our social responsibility – do you?

We, at Magnusson Petfood, are a longtime supporter of the Hunger Project – a global network of non-profit, politically and religiously independent organizations working to eradicate hunger and poverty. The Hunger Project invests in people’s industry and resourcefulness, and gives them the opportunity to understand and realize their potential.. That way they, themselves can change their societies -  once and for all.

Read more at » www.thp.orgv